The LATEST (Update, Winter 2018-19) Tied House and Chez TJ:

Weilheimer House (Chez TJ)

Airbase Laundry / Tiedhouse

Livable Mountain View is pleased to inform you that the 1894 Weilheimer House (Chez TJ’s) and the 1931 Air Base Laundry (Tied House) now qualify for consideration to be included on the National Register of Historic Places!

BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please send a letter to them by January 10, 2019. Sample letters are at bottom.

On February 1, 2019 the State Historic Preservation Commission (SHRC) in Sacramento will meet to render their decision (details below). This is the culmination of more than a year of research, signature gathering and filings in LMV’s efforts to preserve the historic core of our city. This decision is our opportunity to inform city leaders, planners and developers that preservation of these historic buildings is crucial to maintaining the welcoming, unique sense of place that is vital to our downtown, to encourage walkability and to lend a rich texture to the fabric of our community.

You can find detailed information about these buildings, their significance, history and the effort to save them here (archival link here).


We are informed that letters to the State Historical Resources Commission (SHRC) in advance of the Feb. 1 meeting is an important part of saving these structures and our history. As part of our continued outreach, we are asking that you write separate letters for each building describing why saving the Weilheimer House and
the Air Base Laundry are important to you and the community and encourage others to do the same. Please send the letters to:

California State Parks
Attn: Office of Historic Preservation
Julianne Polanco, State Historic Preservation Officer
1725 23rd St., Suite 100
Sacramento, CA  95816

It is imperative your letters be postmarked not later than January 10
for receipt in Sacramento by January 16, 2019 in order to meet the
Commission’s deadline for consideration.

Why personal letters?

None of the hearing Commissioners are from the South Bay, and are unlikely to know these buildings or Mountain View. Please review Chez TJ and Tied House’s history per our website above, then explain in the separate letters your personal perspective about the value of these beautiful, irreplaceable buildings. LMV will also be engaging our city officials to write letters in support of the building’s historic designation. See the SAMPLE LETTERS attached for your reference and join us in Sacramento (meeting invitation details below).

You are invited to attend the SHRC’s meeting at which the nomination will be considered and acted upon by the SHRC. Written comments regarding the nomination may be submitted to California State parks, Attn: Office of Historic Preservation, Julianne Polanco, State Historic Preservation officer, 1725 23 rd Street, Suite 100, Sacramento, California 95816. So that the SHRC may have adequate time to consider the comments, it is requested, but not required, that written comments be received by the Office of Historic Preservation fifteen (15) days in advance of the SHRC’s meeting. Should you have any questions about this nomination, please contact the Registration Unit at (916) 445-7004.

If you wish to carpool with us, please send us a note to:

Let’s all work together to preserve Mountain View’s Historic DT.

With Gratitude,
Livable Mountain View Steering Committee
Joyce Yin
Louise Katz
Robert Cox
Mary Hodder
Carole Whitacre

SAMPLE LETTERS – Please rewrite in your own words:

Sample Letter for Weilheimer House/Chez TJ:
To the State Historical Resources Commission,
I write this letter in support of the historic designation of Weilheimer House in Mountain View, a matter I understand to be up for review before your commission on February 1. I am (a XX year resident/official title etc.) of Mountain View. (OR I am a regular visitor to Mountain View and live in XX town).

The Weilheimer House was the home of one of the earliest merchant families and business leaders in Mountain View. This house, one of the oldest on the Peninsula, reflects both beautiful Victorian architecture and Mountain View’s pioneer history and entrepreneurial spirit which, as a leader in the development of Silicon Valley, continues to the present day. It is also unique as it remains at its original site in close proximity to Castro Street, the main downtown commercial street, and is next door to the Air Base Laundry/Tied House. Each of these buildings is emblematic of Mountain View’s role in the rich and complex history that helped shape this Valley.

We hope you agree these buildings should be allowed to remain as a chronicle of early Mountain View innovation and industry. I also strongly urge preservation of this unique house as part of Mountain View’s architecturally significant history. These buildings should remain as part of our vibrant downtown area streetscape for future generations to honor, celebrate and enjoy.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sample Letter for Air Base Laundry/Tied House:
To the State Historical Resources Commission,
This letter is being written in support of the historic designation and preservation of the building we commonly refer to in Mountain View as “Tied House” and which you know as the Air Base Laundry of 1931. I am (a XX year resident/official title etc.) of Mountain View.  (OR I am a regular visitor to Mountain View and live in XX town).

As you know, this building was part of Mountain View’s early development and built by a local developer. It supported nearby Moffett Field, itself listed on the National Register. Despite tremendous development in and around Mountain View, it remains a distinctive commercial example of Spanish Revival architecture then popular in California. It is also consistent with existing structures at Moffett Field built in this same style.

Upcoming changes to Castro Street, the main downtown commercial street, will re-direct visitors to Villa Street from Highway 101 and a major thoroughfare, Shoreline Blvd. Therefore, Villa Street, with its Air Base Laundry/Tied House, will be the new gateway to our historic downtown. Air Base Laundry/Tied House should be preserved for future generations for its unique architecture, its place in Mountain View's history and connection to historic Moffett Field and because it is irreplaceable.

Your consideration is appreciated.