Who We Are:

Carol W: As a corporate retailer and photographer, I’d like to see an authentic, vibrant downtown that serves our community well.



Jerry S: I’m part of Livable Mountain View because, having traveled throughout the U.S. and abroad, I’ve come to recognize the social and commercial importance of cities preserving their precious historic resources and integrating them into their city centers.



Joyce Y: As an architect and urban designer, I see a lot of ways for Mtn View to continue as vibrant community. I’d love to see the city, especially its downtown, realize its potential through a balance of planned growth and its existing resources.


Mary H: I want Mountain View to stay real, and be its own place. Our best buildings are being replaced with Soulless “anywhere” Corporate campus dead zones downtown. I’m a technologist, usability engineer, founder of startups. And I fly drones (sometimes.. in the Pic).


Regina S:  Every place has a history.  Every place has a story.  I see our story disappearing.  The buildings tell the story of the people who live here.



Quinn F  Quinn F:  I want to preserve historic buildings in Mountain View because many people my age grew up with them and really connect to them as a part of this city.  I completely support development as long as it is well planned and sustainable.


Dan S: I am VP of Business Development at Almalence Inc. I grew up in the area and love Mountain View for its authentic eclectic style and and don’t want to lose it.